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Stephanie Bilodeau
Stephanie Bilodeau
Broker / Office Manager

I am passionate about my career as a Real estate Broker. When I was licensed in 2003, I was thrilled to be helping my clients make one of the biggest financial purchase/sale of their life. Little has changed in the last 10+ years! I still aim to help my clients every step of the way.
There are 3 important things in a real estate relationship that are a must-

  1. TRUST - I will have your best interest at heart. I treat every client like they are my family. You need to know I am on your side, not making deals on the side.

  2. HONESTY - I will provide to you my client the truth about any property we deal with. You can be sure that if I wouldn't buy it, I would discourage you buy it.

  3. COMMUNICATION - I am available to you via telephone, email, text or good old one on one meetings. Customer service is the priority for me.

Please think of me for your next real estate adventure.