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Red Door Nation; our friends and clients have spoken! They have uniformly agreed that they are sick to death of hearing about the Corona Virus! There is so much promoting on every media about the virus that virtually every person in Canada is ‘tuning out’ every reference to this disasterous virus when they see it on TV, Facebbook etc. etc. When Covid 19 is “brought up” most people “throw up!” They turn their brains off! No question, the virus is dangerous and we must follow protocols. But we should never allow it to consume our lives. If we do it will choke the life out of us! 

This opens up a tremendous opportunity for Red Door Realty. Folks everywhere we go in London people are looking to be informed and entertained by anything except the dreaded virus. Red Door knows this! 

Of course, we still need to buy and sell houses, because that’s what we do whether the virus exists or not! Therefore, we plan to turn Real Estate marketing on its head, by introducing a brilliantly engaging Mascot named Al Paca! 

So far, the response we have seen from clients and friends regarding Al Paca’s involvement with Red Door’s marketing and charitable outreach has been tremendous

As incredible as it may seem, the initial challenge in getting a potential buyer or seller’s” attention during Covid, has been resolved by Al Paca’s influence! It seems most people love our new Mascot.

With Al Paca on board, we are finding that keeping people’s attention, long enough to deliver the Red Door message, on behalf of clients has been a sparkling success. Look, I don’t “tap dance” but I’m thrilled that Al Paca is on my team and folks I will take some tap dance lessons.


Sure, the pandemic has disrupted our routines and created considerable anxiety and uncertainty, but with Al Paca we are bringing a little joy back into our promotions to entertain and inform you as we wait for everyone to be vaccinated! In the meantime have a few laughs with me as we enjoy Al Paca’s antics together, and learn about the challenges of buying and selling houses in 2020s!

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