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Red Door Realty is an independent full-service Real Estate Brokerage providing residential real estate services to the London and St. Thomas Ontario. Since 2013 Red Door Agents have consistently gone the extra mile to make sure that our Clients get all the support they need to achieve their goals.

We believe that given reliable information and guidance, Buyers and Sellers can navigate even extreme market conditions and succeed. 

We provide our Clients with solutions that fit their lifestyles and technologies within their comfort levels.   Clients are at the centre of all activity.  We believe that Real Estate is as much about people as it is about property.  

As a group, Red Door Agents are all long-time residents of London with a keen understanding of the neighbourhoods, the people who live here, and all the city has to offer. We conduct business in a professional manner with integrity.

We proudly serve the residents of London, St. Thomas and region.

Hi, I’m Peter Sisco. You can call me Pete. During the past 15 years I have been a professional Realtor, first at ‘Classic Realty’ and for the past 8 years, with ‘Red Door Realty’, which I founded in 2013. 
Real Estate is in my blood!  During the last 15 years, it’s been my pleasure to serve hundreds of amazing
people, helping them buy and sell their homes.  I derive great joy being personally involved, in a family’s transition to the next exciting phase in their lives.  Folks I learned a long time ago that success in life and business comes to those who are able to remain humble.  We should never put on self-important ‘airs’ by pretending to be someone we are not.  People can spot a phony “lickety-split”.  My life axiom is this: be who you really are!  Be honest, sincere and hard working.
Look for ways to help your clients, remembering that your client is your friend and neighbour!  My clients have hopes and dreams; I intend to respect their wishes. These are important lessons I have learned during my career in business.  My ‘older’ brother John tells me that when I was six years old I began cutting my
teeth as a salesman and a negotiator.  Our dad would take us with him to pick up a pizza at Vito’s Pizza Cave, and as we waited, I would somehow convince Vito to give me a free bowl of mushrooms to eat on the way home.   Since my youthful ‘mushroom days’ I have gained substantial experience working at a major Bank as a ‘loans officer’. I have also been heavily involved in marketing,  being a radio and TV spokesman, for a major Canadian electronics firm.   Bottom line:  I know how to work with people; I understand your needs and I’m driven to fulfil your expectations!  House sales are mushrooming!  Let’s get together soon! 

                                      Peter Sisco   
                                   Broker \ Owner

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