Can’t Stand Your Neighbours? Here Are Some Ideas to Help

Sure, there are some nice neighbors out there, but then there are the ones you just want to put on an isolated island.But when it comes to a reality, give some of these ideas a try:

For The People Who Just Won’t Zip It 

Always start with a friendly and cordial approach. It is best to talk to your neighbours directly about the noise and how it is disrupting you and your family, and you would appreciate it if they toned it down a notch. If the noise continues and becomes unbearable and they will not cooperate with you, you could go about things legally. You could file a noise complaint with the local municipality and if they are also disturbing other neighbours, you can also talk to your neighbors about having them file complaints as well. 

The Kids Who Trash Your Things 

Before you turn into that old man shaking his fist at the neighborhood kids, you should address your issues with their parents. Approach the parents of the kids destroying your things and talk to them in the appropriate manner. 

You don’t want things to get ugly with your neighbor (that is uncomfortable for everyone involved), but if things go down that road, just make sure that you have pictures and proof of what has transpired. 

Property Line Fanatic 

Their one and only hobby seems to be watching you just waiting to cross their property line. Of course, this issue can be made worse by open concept yards or a shared driveway. Invite your neighbor over and have a talk to them about the property line to come to some sort of agreement. If you want to keep things civil as well as be fare, you can always have a surveyor come and make an official assessment. 

I know it can be tough to live with lousy neighbors, but you do have a right to enjoy your time at home, so pick your battles carefully and chin up!