Pete's Scuttlebutt Bungalow  

Welcome  to Red Door Realty’s August 2021 edition of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”!  
Scuttlebutt: Letting you in on the things you need to know, about the things going on in London Real Estate! Read Scuttlebutt below or simply CLICK and I’ll read it out loud for you!

Your August Scuttlebutt highlights TWO MAJOR--MUST-KNOW developments!!!

#1. Al Paca successfully spearheads London’s “Red Door-Red Jacket” Food Drive!

#2. HOUSE SELLERS TIP-Here’s a Great Idea to Sell Your Home Fast at MAX $$$$$$$$.

#1 With a bullet!! Londoners YOU can take a bow! Your big hearted donations to the Red Door-Red Jacket FOOD DRIVE carried the day. Because of your unsurpassed generosity, a CONVOY of METRO Food Market grocery carts were filled to the brim with the necessities of life! AND more importantly—your life-supporting contributions put food in empty pantries, lifting unwanted burdens from over-laden backs during tough times while delighting a lot of kids AND senior citizens who really appreciate our support.  We thank you all.  
Red Door also sincerely thanks Nicole Primeau, Metro’s ‘super manager’ at Wellington Road and Commissioners. Nicole helped make this ‘Food Drive’ an out-and-out SUCCESS.
And, of course we must thank Jane Roy, the London Food Bank’s indispensable Co-Executive Director for her steadfast on-going support. Thank you Jane!

Without question, your Red Door Team was both honoured and thrilled to play a part in the success of our Red Door, RED JACKET Food Drive! A good measure of this success can be attributed to Red Door’s world class Mascot, Al Paca who was a Knock-out Hit with everyone who attended. The kids loved Al’s good spirited antics whether he was handing out balloons or doing a lively JIG for the crowd! It was a GREAT DAY; a GREAT TIME and we will do it again!

Friends, to view Red Door’s official thank you to all concerned ...   



By historical standards the London Real Estate market is still smoking hot. Houses are selling fast. BUT-- Are sellers getting top dollar, when the market action is this fast and furious? 

Here’s the MUST ask question, for every home seller to consider. What DOES the potential buyer of your home NEED TO BE CONVINCED ABOUT? HOW do you signal to the BUYER that your property
is the crème de la crème for them? That your house surpasses every other comparable property they are considering! The answer is COMPLETE BUYER CONFIDENCE! 

Friends, confident Buyers are WILLING BUYERS! When committed buyers are convinced your house is “best in class” they enter the competition for your house with a willingness to go “ALL IN” and confidently out-bid all other buyers to successfully take title to your property?

Here’s what you can do to instill ‘bona fide’ BUYER CONFIDENCE. Before we list your home consider having it examined by a reputable Home-Inspector. The PRE-LISTING home inspection is an under-used strategy that can help you maximize your home’s true value. 
Here’s why!

In the current London market houses have been selling so fast that quite often buyers do not have the opportunity to have the home they’re buying inspected. Many houses are being bought more or less on blind faith, in the hope there are no major issues.           

Now, with your newly Listed Home, you can re-inforce your Listing with a Professional Home Inspection available for all prospective buyers to see. The Professional Inspection indicates that all major systems and components of the house: heating and cooling; electrical; plumbing; roof; structure; doors; windows etc. are ship-shape. Imagine the boost in CONFIDENCE buyers will have. This presupposes of course that any issues identified in the inspection have already been remediated. Transparency counts! BUYER CONFIDENCE SELLS!

I am convinced this strategy could make your house more attractive to buyers. Let’s talk soon about this and other strategies I can share with you. I’m just a phone call or a text away!  

In all sincerity,

Peter Sisco

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