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Welcome  to Red Door Realty’s September 2021 edition of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”!  
Scuttlebutt: Letting you in on the things you need to know, about the things going on in London Real Estate! 
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In this Scuttlebutt there’s two FEATURED items I need to share with you!!

#1. A MUST KNOW tactic designed to get HOME SELLERS superior results from MLS!                                                                                                  
#2. Red Door has a significant update about our WORLD CLASS Mascot, Al Paca!

#1. Topping today’s charts: A House Selling Strategy! To begin, I need to tell you a story about my own history. A few years ago, I was on the Finance Committee of the London & St. Thomas Real Estate Board.  This provided me with the opportunity to rub elbows with some of London's movers and shakers in local Real Estate. 

The interesting thing about the Real estate business is that it is very competitive, but at the same time, it works magnificently through the co-operation of the same competing agents and agencies.

So what does this have to do with selling your house?

Probably more than you can imagine! When I was on the Finance Committee, I was working co-operatively, with some of Red Door’s, most capable competitors! Since then, there have been times when one of the agents on the “Committee”, has had a client interested in buying a home Red Door has listed, on MLS. And I suspect the reverse has been true too.
Here’s the point! I got to know and respect my colleagues on the Finance Committee, as well as many agents serving on other committees at the same time.

They’re ethical and knowledgeable people. Many of these ‘top’ agents will have clients looking to buy a house. So, after I have listed your home on the MLS network, I can then send a personal note, to a select number of "top" agents at other firms, advising them to check out your house.     This adds a powerful ONE-TWO PUNCH that substantially enhances your home’s “MLS” listing!

I am convinced this strategy opens up “your home” to many more “buyers”. Let’s talk soon about this and other strategies I can share with you. I’m just a phone call or a text away!  


Ladies and gentlemen, everyone at Red Door Realty has been overwhelmed with the acceptance of our World Class Mascot; Mr. Al Paca! It seems everyone loves him. In the past few months Al has become an integral part in Red Door’s advertising. You may have seen “Al’s” appearances in some of Red Doors ‘on-line’ marketing. Make no mistake; Red Door’s Mascot is a professional ‘attention getter’. That said, we are making Al Paca available to all Red Door clients, in our professional marketing strategies, where “attention” is needed to sell your house.

But there’s more about Al Paca that’s really intriguing. Al has emerged as an extremely valuable asset in Red Door’s charitable community outreach programs. This was clearly noticed by D.A. Foster, the director of the Red Door-RED JACKET; Food Drive at the Wellington Road Metro Supermarket this past July 17th. Old and young alike thoroughly enjoyed Al’s whimsical antics.

With the great response we saw for Al Paca Senior at the Red Door-RED JACKET Food Drive we are in the process of adding Al’s son AL PACA JUNIOR! We are very excited about this addition and hope to have Al Jr. ready to debut at our next Charity event. We will keep you posted about the progress of these plans in future editions of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”.

We thank you for listening! Remember: I’m just a phone call or a text away! Well that’s all folks---for now!                                                                                     
In all sincerity,
Peter Sisco
Red Door---will get done---what you need---to get done!
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