Pete's Scuttlebutt Bungalow

Welcome to the OCTOBER 2021 AUTUMN edition of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”!  

Your Scuttlebutt is here, with what really matters! Read Scuttlebutt below OR take it easy while I read it for you! To hear me read the wisdom of Scuttlebutt…CLICK HERE NOW!  

October’s Scuttlebutt highlights TWO PIVOTAL –Red Door Realty developments!

#1. Al Paca “packs” them in at London’s September “Red Door-Red Jacket” Food Drive!

#2. HOUSE SELLERS-One more Fantastic IDEA to SELL Your Home FAST at MAX $$$$$$!

#1 BRAVO TO YOU!! Londoners YOU DID IT AGAIN! Your open-handed charitable donations at the Red Door-Red Jacket--FOOD DRIVE was enormous. Because of your unsurpassed generosity, the hundreds of pounds of groceries you contributed will be a welcome addition to the LONDON FOOD BANK. This will go a long way to helping a lot of families that need our assistance during these difficult Covid days! To all of us, to whom much has been granted---much will be expected! Red Door plans to keep doing our part---so you can look for ANOTHER FOOD DRIVE REAL SOON! Thanks’ again for your unparalleled support!

Red Door extends special thanks to ROGER WHITE, Metro’s ‘super manager’ at the Adelaide & Cheapside METRO GROCERY STORE. Roger you absolutely helped make this ‘Food Drive’ an out-and-out SUCCESS. And, of course we must remember JANE ROY, the London Food Bank’s indispensable Co-Executive Director for her unwavering on-going support. Thank you JANE!

Your Red Door Team is honoured to be a small part in this Food Drive’s success! We give thanks to Red Door’s super-agent Patrick McLachlan; D.A. Foster and our volunteer’s Elissa and Rebecca. And of course we can’t forget Red Door’s much loved, world class Mascot, “AL PACA” who was a sensation. It was a GREAT DAY; a GREAT TIME and we will do it again!

Yes, Yes, Yes! Red Door understands you want to SELL your house FAST at MAXIMUM value!
What ATTRACTS buyers? The answer please! It’s a house that has the perceived SPACIAL CAPACITY to accept and display all of the BUYER’S STUFF!  Buyers want a HOUSE with SPACE!
Now wait just a minute! What about the basics Mr. Red Door? LOOK Mr. Seller everybody takes care of the basics. At our first MEETING, before LISTING YOUR HOME, we detail the basic preparations that NEED to be DONE! So, the BASICS can be handled right off the bat!
Your house needs to be “spic-n-span”--CLEAN-top to bottom! The clutter must GO! Render your home’s CURB APPEAL EXQUISITE! Hey, mow the lawn! HECK, GET AHEAD of the curve AND MOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR’S LAWN! That will make the STREETSCAPE IMMACLATE TOO!
Folks, the basics are DONE and DONE! Now we can get down to BRASS TACKS! It’s time to make your home look a lot more SPACIOUS with PAINT and MIRRORS!
First PAINTS! Consider using “LIGHT” paint colours! They make rooms appear larger and brighter. And think about painting the trim and mouldings an even ‘LIGHTER’ colour than the walls. The walls will then seem to be further back. What colours specifically? For optimum effect, most experts suggest “soft tones” like off-white, blues and greens. That’s your choice.
Now MIRRORS! When you STRATEGICALLY place a MIRROR in a ROOM it can greatly enhance the DEPTH of the room. The room looks larger, more open and brighter. This is especially true if the mirror is reflecting the outside light from a principal WINDOW.
Folks this is just the tip of the proverbial--“strategy”--iceberg. I am convinced this approach could make your house more attractive to buyers. Let’s talk soon about this and other strategies that I will be pleased to share with you.

Red Door---will get done---what you need---to get done!

I’m just a phone call or a text away!  

In all sincerity,

Peter Sisco
 Red Door Ltd. Realty Brokerage, 4010 Brigham , London, On.  
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