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Welcometo the January 2022 edition of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”!  Your Scuttlebutt is here, with what really matters! Read Scuttlebutt below OR take it easy while I read it for you! To hear me read the wisdom of Scuttlebutt…CLICK HERE NOW!

Look, There’s absolutely nothing I can say about Covid-19-20-21-22, that you don’t already know and are completely sick of hearing. So, let me simply quote one of Red Door’s funniest people, “the wise crackin’ Al Packan” himself; Mr. Al Paca; Red Door’s world famous Mascot!In Al’s infamous words! “Being isolated with Covid, while only having the CBC News channel, blathering away incessantly at you, is like going to the dentist, to have all 32 ‘pearly whites’ yanked out because your boss can’t tell the difference between horseradish and halitosis!” “Will someone PLEASE sell CBC to Fox News or ‘The Treehouse’ Channel? Please! Okay I should report about what’s happening in London Real Estate. I can give you my Million dollars, 20 page report or I can simply condense the Realty market update to 50 words or less. What’s your preference? Okay then, it’s unanimous, it’ll be 50 words or less! House prices are in nosebleed territory! Why? More buyers than sellers! People believe they have been permanently squeezed out of owning a home! What do I know? A lot! Talk to me! I have creative ways to get done what you want to get done! You should take me up on this. Okay that was 52 words! I apologise! Here’s some exciting news about Red Door’s 2022 Plans for our beloved city of London! We will indeed continue our Red Door—Red Jacket Food Drives on behalf of the London Food Bank. I want to personally thank you for the very generous contributions so many of you have made. You should know that you your kindness fed a lot of hungry bellies. Thank you again for simply taking a little time to contribute a bag of groceries or a few dollars to help so many people who are far less fortunate than most of us!Next, coming up very soon is the London Mission Services “Coldest Night of The Year”. This is an event near and dear to the heart of Red Door Realty. There are too many people in London sleeping in the streets, under highway overpasses, on banks floors near their ATM machines. We believe governments are too busy spending money on Covid and their pet projects to properly look after the destitute. Corporations like Red Door need to step up along with the support of their valued clients to back them up. When we get closer to the Coldest Night Event we will let you know how you can help!Folks, there’s a lot more I could share about Red Door Charitable Plans and other exciting projects but I’ll leave that for a future edition of Scuttlebutt Bungalow! On behalf of all of us at Red Door Realty, Brokers, Agents, our technical support and especially my pal, Al Paca, “the wise crackin’ Al Packan” Mascot, we all want to give you a group hug, as well as wish you a very Happy and Prosperous 2022.Remember: Buying or Selling!—Call me! Red Door is here for You, Your Family and Friends!In all sincerity, Peter Sisco                                                         Red Door---will get done---what we need---to get done!                                                                            I’m just a phone call or a text away!  
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