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Welcome to the 2022 SUMMER edition of “Scuttlebutt Bungalow”! Read on folks OR click & leave the reading to me!

In today’s Scuttlebutt, I plan to inject some “REASON” into TODAY’S “KRAZY” WORLD of Real Estate. The Red Door folks, who I’ve been talking to, and listening to, are telling me the state of London Real Estate has cascaded into a totally “UNREASONABLE” market. They describe it as chaotic mayhem! You know what? Many of their MAJOR concerns are relevant. That said—they are deserving of a reasoned and respectful response!

So let me begin with the BIG question perplexing the minds of House Buyers and House Sellers? What the heck is going on with MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES? Red Door hears you! I hear you! Some of you need to buy a house NOWI I get that! And some of my Red Door friends need to SELL a house NOW! I get that too! In any case---please hear what I have to say! I’ve lived in this kind of market! Regardless of what you are hearing bandied about on ‘social media’, sales of London’s Homes are still occurring! Believe me—Red Door is still getting houses BOUGHT and SOLD! That’s right—“we are getting done what BUYERS and SELLERS need to get done”--even in challenging conditions--NOT SEEN since the 1980s.

Will Mortgage interest rates become a BIGGER FACTOR? YES! How high will rates go? When will they come down? The truth is NOBODY KNOWS! One thing I do know is that the prognosticating media-types, don’t have a clue either! They’re just guessing! They’re no help.

Consider this! Many of today’s so-called ‘media experts’ weren’t born till well after the 1980s housing depression. And yet, they are quick to share their shaky insights with you! Here’s the reality check! They have virtually NO intuitive understanding, to draw upon, out of the infamous 1980s era to guide you! Folks, I was there! My family and I survived the 1980s when MORTGAGE RATES peaked at 21.46% in September 1981! Let me repeat that—in September 1981 mortgage rates crested at 21.46%! I worked through this! I was just a kid out of high school employed in retail sales! As hard as that period was, I LEARNED some great LIFE LESSONS, about dealing with difficult and unexpected economic circumstances! So, whether you’re Buying or Selling today, what I learned then, will HELP YOU right now! How?

#1. First, Red Door upholds a CAN DO attitude! My advice to you! Reject the mass media’s negativity! Just like the 1980s, today’s media, preaches a myopic “chicken little-the sky is falling” philosophy, prophesizing the world is going to hell in a hand basket! Remember this: the media thrives on pain and sorrow—if it ‘bleeds’ it leads! Folks, things are NEVER as bad as the ‘media’ pretends! In1983, when the unemployment rate peaked at 12%, I was still a top retail salesman! And TODAY, in 2022, Red Door continues to transact Real Estate deals!

#2. The KEY to thriving in a difficult market is to PROMOTE CREATIVELY and CONSISTENLY! We do that at Red Door! It worked for me in the 1980s and I believe it’ll work FOR YOU today! At the height of the 80s recession many businesses stopped advertising and promoting. Tragically, their ‘NO CAN DO’, negativity led many of them into bankruptcy.

#3. Finally, do not do, what the ‘crowd’ is doing! Be UNIQUE! Find the BETTER WAY! At Red Door we’re always on the look-out for NEW and EXTRAORDINARY WAYS to promote our client’s homes! That is why we employ AL PACA, Red Door’s much loved MASCOT! Clients will often find Al Paca participating at their open house. Why? Al is a crowd pleaser! He brings young family’s to see your home. It seems many seniors love Al too. And of course “Al” is front and center at the Red Door charitable Food Drives! Why? Al magically draws audiences!

There is much more I want to share with you when we meet! I am convinced our proven strategies will help you successfully BUY or SELL your home! Let’s talk soon!

I’m just a phone call or a text away!

In all sincerity,

Pete Sisco

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