COVID-19 Update


                                           Red Door Realty continues efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by complying with all government regulation                                                                                                and by exercising common sense in all our activities.

                                                    Virtual Options:
                                                    As a result of the pandemic, technology has quickly provided a host of virtual options allowing  

                                                    Sellers and Buyers alike to increase activity without additional risk. Meetings by Zoom, Virtual Showings, 

                                                    Walk Throughs & Open Houses can be an effective way to increase the activity level.  

                                                    Ask your Agent about available options.

                                                  For Sellers
                                                  Your Red Door Agent will create an individual safety plan for visitors to make sure the PPE  
required is 

                                                  on hand and that everyone is aware of what they are supposed to do prior to entry.  Buyer Agents will 

                                                  be required to question their Client’s about possible Covid-19 symptoms, travel, or being in proximity 

                                                  to someone with Covid-19.  Only then are they allowed to go in.  We are happy to address any additional 

                                                  concerns the Seller may have. 

                                                  For Buyers:
                                                  Sanitize and wear a mask before we go in, and always practice social distancing.  Agents will always 

                                                  have the necessary PPE on hand. Further, it is recommended that all available MLS data and pictures, etc. 

                                                  are reviewed carefully prior to entry to reduce unnecessary risk.  Buyers and Agents are still riding in 

                                                 separate cars.


                                                  We intend to have sanitizer and masks available for all guests.  We can also restrict where people are                                                            going in your home using caution tape to mark boundaries.  We can restrict the number of people inside and make 

                                                  it as simple as possible to get through safely.  We ask that inside doors are left open and lights are left on.  

                                                  It is possible to go through a house safely with hands in pockets.  That is our goal.


                                                  These policies will be updated as conditions change.

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