Peter Sisco:  Broker \ Owner

Peter Sisco’s 5-steps to Buy your New Home!! 

                                                 1)   Mortgage Financing MUST be pre-approved! Without this, there is NO Plan!

                                                    With financing in place, your comprehensive Plan will take flight.

                                                    NOW when the market Heats Up, and it will, you can ACT instead of React!

                                             2)   I will show you how Sellers are successfully using “asking prices” in 2021.

                                                   My sure-fire strategies and winning tactics will be reflected in your sales plan.

                                                   Successful planning and preparation are critical in today’s market.

                                            3)    I will set you up to use our MLS auto-email service!

                                                   With auto-email you will be entitled to continually monitor NEW listings.

                                                   When you see the ‘eye-popping’ house of your dreams, call me immediately!    

                                                   This is what we prepared for! We must act quickly! Call me so I can get on it!

                                            4)   Todays market is unconventional to the extreme.

                                                  Multiple buyers are competing for nearly every house that’s up for sale!

                                                  You’ll be entering into a series of contests, until you successfully win!

                                                  For that reason, I will prepare you with a specific “competition plan!

                                        5)     Finally, don’t give up. You may have to take a few swings before you crack the 

                                                                 winning Hit that drives you HOME! But, rest assured, my Red Door team will be 

                                                guiding you from the start to the successful finish! Just stay focussed. 

                                                Remember my operating principle. Plan your work! Work your plan! You will succeed!


Red Door Realty---will get done---what you need---to get done!!