Peter Sisco:  Broker \ Owner


Here’s a 5-step plan to get you on the right track!

Preparation:    Declutter…Paint…Do the Routine Maintenance especially for areas that provide a high dollar return for minimal effort invested. Focus first on Kitchens and Bathrooms!


Presentation:  Get your house ready for Red Door’s Professional Photo Shoot. Remember; prepare the outside of your house too. Frist impressions count big! Great curb appeal will draw buyers to look inside your house. So cut the grass, trim the hedges and Windex the windows. Get your house smiling for its debut.


Are You Talking to Me: Folks thanks for the sprucing up work around the house! The Home Pictures look great! The Home Movie featuring Peter Sisco and Al Paca is a boffo hit! People love it! Now, just keep the place nice and tidy for a few days while the public visits and visualizes life in paradise!


Asking Price:    Red Door’s systematic market analysis is a great guide for our clients to determine what may be the ideal ‘asking price’. Thank you for recognising todays extraordinarily out-of-kilter market conditions by refusing to give in to the ‘conventional wisdom’ of listing your house way too high in this low ball market. Lack of supply and excessive buyer demand will allow traditional market forces to determine the actual selling price for your house. That’s how it’s working in 2021!


What you need to Know: Form 244! What is it? In the interest of equity, so all buyers have an equal chance; & to reduce misunderstandings, the Seller must sign a document directing how buyers are to be treated.  Will you consider early offers to buy, or, must offers to buy, wait until the published deadline. There are pros and cons and risks either way.  This is really your personal preference which I will explain more fully as we meet.


Red Door Realty---will get done---what you need---to get done!!